It's almost a month you're ignoring me. Still remembering that day, when you're showing up like that. Things happen so quick in my time scale, in our time scale. Even though the third person says "after a long time." weeks earlier before, I ask whether someone was chasing you, have a crush on you. Don't you ever think about it. I knew before you might even realized it. And... your just say "no, there were not." Time goes on, and I keep asking same thing. You stand with that answer. Until the day when I got a strong bad feeling. Probably the day when someone propose it. You said the same answer, but different tone this time. I want to stay positive. But the one guy was just persistently hanging around with you. You're making excuse, that it was not just him. You friend with boys. Yes I already know. I never disallow you. But why you're mad at me like that. Said that you hate me being person that disallow you friend with them. I never. I just feel like that one was different. Are you in love with him just because his presence? What am I?

I knew you have someone else. Not just this time. But I never consider you cheating. It was just your stupidity, leads to your own burden. If I recall the pattern, it stood between 4-5 months. Until it becomes toxic and you wanna get away from it. And... being nice to me "again." Something more pissed me of this time. I couldn't control myself and confess you everything. Maybe it would be better if I pretend like I didn't know. Like I used to. And keep our conversation like a best friend. Anyway, It's almost a month. I need to be patient. In our time scale it's not that long.

I see something, in future I will say that "You're stupid." I don't know, why. But I look so pissed and relived at the same time. Maybe because you come back to me. Maybe it's just my imagination. But if that happens, I'm sorry and thank you.

Right now, cracking rocks with little water droplets may look like useless. But it's not, it just require more time. To wait until earthquake helps cracking it...