Hey, are you listening to me now? Maybe it just my feeling but it's really like you're ignoring me recently. You always say "It's okay, don't worry." Yeah I hope so. It just feels like something is drastically changing. In our conversation and something else I can't explain. Maybe I'm too worried. Hope you understand like it used to be (as my closest friend and girlfriend).

I still don't understand why you didn't accept my artwork that day. When few weeks before it was actually you asking me to make it. I'm sure it was not because artwork is bad. You didn't comment it anyway. You just don't want me continue drawing it.

Maybe it just my feeling...

Our conversation becomes less and less makes sense, as it looks like I'm the only one involved. It used to be fun, even when we discuss about a boring topic. Even worse when you're bussy. You just say sorry, OK no worry. But even then when there is a time, you still mad at me. Sorry, please just say it if you need more spare time to rest. I just envy when you decide to look into someone else's problem while you know he just want to have your attention. While you know I already told you not to take it seriously.

Maybe it just my feeling...

You told me to keep my heart open for other girl too. Instead of telling me to stick with you. While I always asking you if you still feel the same way as it used to. I know it's annoying for you. Sorry I can't just stop asking it :( I'm too worried.

Maybe it just my feeling...

You don't want to talk about your feeling anymore.

Why I suffer this feeling then? No logical reason. Yeah this is me, and you already know this, my closest friend. When will you state "I'm your living partner" again? I love you ❤️

Maybe I need to suffer this for more weeks or months. But I promise you there will be a day when I confess everything and you'll never stop listening. :)